JetBlue Passenger Claims Lax Security Allowed Thief To Make Off With Her Luggage At LaGuardia

NEW YORK — A woman who had just arrived at LaGuardia Airport spotted a thief running-off with her bag, and tried to get it back.

But she didn’t, and she says security at the baggage claim is to blame.

Jane Katzen confronted the woman who she said took-off with her bag in the JetBlue baggage claim area.

“I turned around and I said to her, ‘That’s my bag,’” she told CBS2’s Jessica Schneider.

It was a Samsonite silver hard case.

“I said, ‘I know it’s my bag, because I have a red sticker on it.’ She said, ‘I have a red sticker on mine too,’” Katzen said.

Stunned and fearful Katzen called for security, but by the time they responded the woman took off.

“I looked in the taxi stand and looked around and she was gone,” she said.

Katzen blamed it on what she called Jet Blue’s lax security at the baggage claim.

American Airlines screens bags in one part of the terminal, but even then some people fall through the cracks.

While some airlines check baggage tickets there are numerous exits left completely unmanned, that make for an easy get away.

Jet Blue told CBS2 that they never enlisted security at their baggage claim because reports of theft are infrequent. They added that they work with law enforcement on all reported incidents.
Katzen filed reports, but wants to see a change.

“Everything is checked, but then when you get to your destination, continue checking that your passenger is out safely and their luggage is with them,” she said.

It’s a plea to all airlines.

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