Jewish Dating Site Files Lawsuit Against Competitor For Using Letter ‘J’

A lawsuit filed by JDate against competing Jewish digital dating company JSwipe would be frowned on by Jewish law, a rabbi recently told Forbes in a report on the legal wrangle.

There was no love lost between two Jewish dating websites in the United States last week, after J-Date filed a lawsuit against J-Swipe over use of the letter ‘J’.

Analysts have suggested that the litigation might be a case of spurned advances, speculating that J-Date launched the legal action after an acquisition offer was turned down.

Meanwhile a rabbi has waded in to the unfolding drama, by saying that the lawsuit would be frowned upon by Jewish law.

“From a Judaic ethics standpoint, it’s inappropriate,” said Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, Dean of the Institute of Talmudic Law. “We’re talking about creating Jewish families with Jewish children. We should encourage competition.”

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