Jewish Designer Reportedly To Dress Melania Trump

“Boycott” has become a familiar word swirling around Friday’s presidential inauguration.

The number of House Democrats who have elected to be elsewhere on Jan. 20 when Donald Trump will be sworn in as president is rising, and so many invited musical guests have declined that Trump may have to resort to handing his loyal band of offspring a few triangles and a tambourine.

However, his wife and the first lady-to-be, Melania Trump, will at least be well dressed on their big day.

As of now, according to Women’s Wear Daily fashion designer Ralph Lauren Ralph Lifshitz that is will be providing Mrs. Trump with her inauguration day robes.

Karl Lagerfeld is another high-profile designer whose name has been tossed into the running as a Melania dresser.

Lauren, 77, is reportedly in the midst of designing several ensemble pieces for Mrs. Trump, including a gown and a selection of outfits to be worn throughout the weekend’s festivities. In addition, the New York-based Jewish designer is rumored to be working on pieces for other members of the Trump clan.

While many may be surprised to learn that Lauren, the outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter, will be associating himself with the controversial family, Mrs. Trump has long been a fan of Lauren’s.

On election night, the Slovenian former model wore a Ralph Lauren single-shoulder white jumpsuit, and at the third presidential debate she was seen in a fuchsia “pussybow” blouse designed by Gucci.

For those who weren’t traumatized enough by her husband’s infamous “grab them by the pussy” audio leak, her outfit drove home the point just a few days later.

Other prominent designers have declined to dress Mrs. Trump, including Derek Lam, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs. Lauren, born in 1939 to Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants, dressed Clinton on the day she gave her concession speech.

Many would say that following her predecessor, Michelle Obama, Melania has big shoes to fill the question is who will be making them for her.

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