Jules Wainstein’s Husband Dating Elyse Bensusan? After Cheating Rumors

Real Housewives of New York star, Jules Wainstein is having a terrible couple months. On the heels of discovering that husband Michael Wainstein was having an affair; she was served with divorce papers earlier this week. Wainstein also admitted she had struggled recently with her eating disorder.

Tabloids have reported that her estranged husband has continued to cheat on her, and tried to paint her as the “crazy soon-to-be- ex.”

Radar Online reported that Michael Wainstein filed for divorce on July 15. In the divorce documents, Wainstein listed the divorce proceedings as contested, which means the couple is not in agreement on the separation, and a judge needs to weigh in on the terms of their settlement before their divorce can be finalized.

Fellow RHONY co-star attorney will represent Jules in her divorce proceedings. It seems like Wainstein would want to avoid Bethenny’s lawyer like the plague, considering that it took him THREE years to finalize Frankel’s divorce.

Jules and Michael were married for eight years and had two children–Rio, 3-years-old, and Jagger, 5-years-old.

Reportedly, Michael has had his share of legal issues in the past. In 1999, he was sued over a business deal that went wrong in every possible way. He was summoned back to court in 2014 when he allegedly refused to pay his employees salaries.

“Mr. Wainstein is a successful businessman and like nearly every restaurateur in N.Y., has been involved in litigation claims. The claims mentioned in this story, including the one in 1999 which resulted in award for Mr. Wainstein, were resolved by all parties. We can’t comment on the pending litigation claims.”

After the news of her divorce, her RHONY co-stars immediately revealed they were worried how Wainstein would handle the stress. Specifically, it was noted they were concerned Jules could have an eating disorder relapse. At the time, the RHONY felt it was not fair to Jules, and they had faith that Wainstein had control over her illness.

As it turns out, her co-stars were right to worry. Jules admitted that she had a bulimia slip and hopes her honesty will help someone else who struggles with a food addiction, USA Today reports.

“I have my slips all the time. I’m not gonna lie. Three days ago I threw up my food. Bulimia, it’s with you forever. It’s a big part of my personality. If you make a mistake you can’t be hard on yourself.”

Michael Weinstein continues to parade all over New York City with his love interest, Elyse Bensusan on his arm. Daily Mail stated that they walked hand in hand while they shopped in Manhattan. It isn’t apparent how long they have been involved with each other, but it must be pretty serious as Wainstein threw away his eight-year marriage for the relationship.

Jules revealed that the affair blindsided her, and she never saw any “real trouble” in her marriage. She admitted if she was completely honest, the warning signs were there, but she refused to admit there “could be a problem in her marriage.”

Wainstein and Bensusan reportedly having been living together ever since his split with Jules. They seem to be smitten with each other and were seen constantly holding hands or touching each other as they walked down the street.

Michael claims that his estranged wife physically abused him for years, and he’s had enough. Both parties have accused the other of physical and emotional abuse. Now, it’s up to the court to decide who is telling the truth.

RHONY fans, do you think Jules will come back next season? Do you think Michael is telling the truth, and Jules physically abused him? Stick with the Inquisitr for more celebrity news and gossip.

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