Kim Kardashian’s Bodyguard Accused of Assaulting Ex-Wife In 2013

The ex-wife of Kim Kardashian’s longtime bodyguard filed a restraining order three years ago, accusing her hulking husband of viciously attacking her, according to a shocking new report.

Pascal Duvier, 43, who was not present when Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris earlier this week, was accused in the 2013 filing of assaulting his then spouse Glenda Duvier so severely she passed out, the Daily Mail reports.

The 6-foot-4 bodyguard, a trusted employee of the Kardashian clan, allegedly hit his ex in the face in front of their children and gave her a swollen cheek at the time.

Glenda, 38, filed a temporary restraining order in September 2013 against the 240-pound security guard, according to court documents from the Los Angeles Superior Court obtained by the Daily Mail.

The couple’s divorce was finalized in October 2013, around the same time as the Kardashians hired him, according to the Mail.

Duvier claimed in a court filing that the allegations were false and that Glenda made them “in an effort to gain control over our children as well as our assets.” He admitted he “swiped” his ex-wife’s hand away from his neck but claimed that she “feigned” passing out in a five-page court response.

However, he pleaded with a judge to dismiss the restraining order, claiming it would destroy his career, scaring away potential clients.

Duvier also claimed in court docs that Glenda was having an affair, and cited irreconcilable differences and her excessive drinking as reasons for their marital troubles.

Duvier details in the court filing that the altercation escalated when Glenda tried to grab an envelope of spare cash he kept in their home. When he took it first, he claimed his ex-wife pulled at his shirt and scratched him as he tried to exit the residence. He then “swiped” her hand.

He said when he looked back, he saw her on the floor.

The restraining order reportedly was dropped under a subsequent custody agreement.

It’s unclear what background checks Kardashian, who has advocated against domestic violence in the past, ran on Duvier before giving him the security position.

Duvier was with Kardashian’s sisters, Kourtney and Kendall Jenner, at a club in Paris during the terrifying robbery in which she was bound and begging for her life while thieves made off with millions in stolen jewelry.

On Wednesday, reports emerged that Duvier filed for bankruptcy for his high-profile security company less than three months before Kardashian’s horrifying robbery.

Kardashian was photographed leaving her New York City safe house for the first time since the harrowing incident on Thursday with husband Kanye West and their two children.

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