Kin’s Daughters Speak out!

Meir “bugeyed” Kin, nicknamed “the mamzer” by Gedolei Yisrael refuses to give his wife Lonna a get, while he went on to marry a Brazillian Skank ….

This cruel sadistic animal has kept his wife an agunah for 11 years ….

He claims that he gave her a get …. that is of course a bald faced lie!

The get is in a rogue Bais Din and Lonna can only get the “get” if she coughs up $300,000.00 in blood money!

Watch his daughters begging their father, the selfish Rasha … to free their mother!

But don’t expect anything from this lunatic, he doesn’t care about his children ….. or anyone else…

He is a narcissistic, selfish, sadist …. that gets pleasure from torturing women…. even his own blood!

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