Kiryas Joel – Employee At Store Arrested After Spraying “Death To Jews”

Monroe, NY – An Orange County resident who sprayed hate messages inside a residential building in Kiryas Joel was arrested yesterday by the New York State Police and charged with a bias crime in the act of vandalism.

24 year old James Blazeski of Pine Bush was charged by police with Criminal Mischief in the 4th Degree as a Hate Crime.

Trooper Steven Nevel of the State Police told TOT News that Blazeski sprayed the words “Death to Jews” on a white interior common hallway door that led to the apartments at 3 Tzfas Road in Kiryas Joel on Wednesday.

Kiryas Joel director of public safety Moses Vitriol said that the village interviewed numerous delivery people in the area which led them to Blazeski, who is employed by a store in the village. The information was turned over to the State Police who conducted their own investigation and arrested Blazeski one day later.

Vitriol described the vandalism as an isolated incident and said he did not see it as part of any larger trend of anti-Semitism.

Blazeski was arraigned in the Village of Monroe Court and remanded to the Orange County Jail on $2,500 cash bail and $7,500 bond.

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