Larry King Steps Out Alone After Dismissing Reports of Wife Shawn King’s ‘Affair’

Larry King stepped out wearing his wedding ring on Friday, amid mounting speculation about the state of his 19-year marriage.

The solo outing came just a day after the 82-year-old’s put on a show of togetherness with seventh wife Shawn King, 56, on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show.

The couple attempted to squash speculation about an alleged yearlong affair between Shawn and public speaking guru, Richard Greene.

On Friday – the day the pre-recorded show aired – Larry looked downcast as he emerged in Beverly Hills.

He donned a pin-striped blue button-up, tucked into a pair of dark blue jeans, with his signature suspenders.

The TV personality looked considerably less chirpy than the previous day, when he smiled while dismissing reports of Shawn’s alleged affair in a joint appearance on Hallmark’s Home & Family show.

Larry was said to be blindsided this week by reports of his wife’s affair with Greene, a guest they interviewed on their podcast, Back and Forth With Shawn and Larry King last June.

But he told Home & Family hosts Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopolous on Thursday: ‘I’ve been in the business next May for 60 years, and I’ve dealt with rumors for a long time…and to tell you the truth, I don’t pay any attention to them.’

His wife Shawn added: ‘You have to just develop a shell around yourself, and not get hard on the inside, and stick together.’

Despite the couple’s efforts, sources remained unconvinced.

A source close to Larry and Shawn had been booked on the Home and Family show weeks ago.’

The source added: ‘What amazed us all was that Shawn called the cheating accusations rumours, how can she call it rumours when everyone knows it’s true and there’s text messages.

‘It was all an act. Shawn will have put him up to it…Who knows what hold she has over him. Shawn needles him and he submits to stupid stuff, he makes sense and then he makes no sense.’

Whether it is unclear if Larry will file for divorce or not, a source told Page Six that he is ‘heartbroken, embarrassed and furious.’

The couple previously filed for divorce in 2010 following Shawn’s first reported affair with her son’s former coach, Hector Penate, and what is said to have been Larry’s open flirtation with Shawn’s sister, but they later reconciled.

However, their marriage has been ‘tense’ ever since, according to the media host’s ex-wife, Julia King, who claims it is a ‘charade’ for their 17-year-old son Chance and 16-year-old son Cannon.

She said the pair have been living in separate bedrooms since 2010 in their $13.6 million dollar mansion.

‘As far as Larry is concerned, him and Shawn are not together anymore, so they are both free to sleep with whoever they choose,’ she added.

‘Larry has had multiple girlfriends and once told me he’d even bought a condo for one of them on Wilshire Blvd in LA and it seems Shawn is no better.’

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