London – Welcome To Stamford Hill. Satmer v Belz.

This is the astonishing moment chaos broke out in a north London street during a confrontation between two rival groups of orthodox Jews.

Dozens of Jews in traditional garb can be seen rowing in Clapton Common before scuffles appear to spill out into the middle of the road.

In one clip, police seem to be holding on to a man who is pictured attempting to crawl from the grasp of an officer.

A large number of officers appear to be trying to break up the stand-off on Monday.

Among the crowds, one man appears to push another to the ground while others watch on as the incident unfolds.

Further footage appears to show men pursuing each other, with several people sent tumbling to the ground.

Dumbfounded motorists are shown stopping and staring as the bizarre incident unfolded while other members of the group calmly walk away.

One witness, who drove past as the violence unfolded near New United Synagogue, said her children were “horrified” to witness the scenes.

Hackney Police said on Tuesday that two groups had been protesting over a visiting rabbi in Stamford Hill.

In a message posted on Twitter, police said: “There were two rival groups of people who were protesting about the presence of a Rabbi in the community. [It was] dealt with by us.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Police were called at 1.42pm on Monday, May 15 to Clapton Common, near the junction with Craven Walk, to reports of a protest at a community event.

“Officers attended to ensure that the protest passed without incident.”

No arrests were made.

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