‘We Are Losing Control of Our Streets’ Germans Call on Angela Merkel To Deport Migrants

Bavaria’s finance and home minister Markus Söder, of Angela Merkel’s sister party, CSU, said the migrant crisis has become so bad women are too scared to go outside.

Following the horrendous rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of an EU lawyer, he said Germans are too scared to wander into certain neighbourhoods where migrants are.

Afghan migrant Hussein Khavari, 17, is accused of raping and drowning the 19-year-old student from Freiburg.

He has called for urgent action ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne, which last year saw hundreds of women sexually assaulted and raped in the square outside the station by migrants.

Mr Söder, said: “When your citizens no longer have the trust to visit certain neighbourhoods, then the state loses its authority.

“What has become of Cologne? Nothing.

“Few convictions, hardly any deportations.”

He called on Mrs Merkel’s ruling CDU party and his own party to show some clarity over the migrant crisis which saw more than 1.1million migrants come to Germany last year after the Chancellor’s open-door policy.

The Bavarian politician, added: “It is now about homeland security.

“The state must act more decisively than in the past.

“Last year we lost control over our borders.

“Now we are beginning to lose control of streets and squares.”

He said the only way to claw back control and for citizens, especially women and girls, to no longer be afraid of sexual assault, is to increase the number of police and deportations.

Deportations have been happening in Germany, but not at the scale and speed needed, Mr Söder said.

He added: “More deportations – where?

“If in one day 50 people are returned to their homeland, this has nothing to do with mass deportations.

“It is about hundreds of thousands of rejected asylum seekers. We need a bigger plan.”

Mr Söder, said: “Personally, and as a politician, I am outraged about the developments in this country.

“Our women and daughters are increasingly afraid of sexual assaults.

“To protect public order, even the slightest attacks must be prosecuted and punished.”

He added the federal states need to set priorities in their budgeting, including funding for more police and the judiciary.

The Bavarian Home Minister, said: “The police are increasingly frustrated their arrests do not lead to prosecution.”

He said legal barriers need to be removed rapidly to ensure “fast and consistent deportations” and money needs to be pumped into deportation centres.

He said: “These obstacles must be removed quickly. Securing home is the key issue.”

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