Madison Square Garden Security Chief Fired After Charles Oakley Clash

Charles Oakley isn’t the only one James Dolan is furious with.

The Knicks owner fired senior vice president for security Frank Benedetto on Friday, two days after his crew clashed with the ex-Knick in an embarrassing national television scene, DNAinfo New York reported.

A source told the website that more staff could be fired in the wake of the incident, though the Garden has steadfastly maintained that an “abusive” Oakley was to blame.

“We don’t comment on employees that have left the company,” Madison Square Garden Company spokesman Barry Watkins told the website Friday.

Oakley was arrested and charged with three counts of assault.

The Knicks stalwart went on a PR offensive on Thursday, saying security came up to him — at Dolan’s request, Oakley believed.

Oakley said he felt threatened when eight to 10 security guards approached, and that’s why the incident turned violent.

Knicks fans and players around the league have sided with Oakley on the mess.

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