Man Mistaken Tor Terrorist Shot Dead In Jerusalem

The security tension in Israel resulted in a tragedy on Wednesday evening: A man was shot dead near the offices of the United Hatzalah rescue services in Jerusalem after he was mistaken for a terrorist.

Eyewitnesses say the man, who it is believed was Jewish and mentally unstable, confronted two security guards as he tried to board a bus, and then attempted to grab a weapon from one of them before being shot.

There were no other victims in the incident.

United Hatzalah Director Zeev Kashash said, “I was at a meeting at the offices of United Hatzalah and heard gunshots. Together with other volunteers we went out and miraculously there were no casualties. ”

“Passersby said that it was an attempt to steal a gun from a soldier who was at the bus stop near the offices of United Hatzalah and subsequently fire was opened toward him and he was neutralized,” he added.

ZAKA chairman Yehuda Meshi Zahav, who was at the scene, said, “I came with a ZAKA team to the scene of the alleged attack, and at first we thought it was a ‘routine’ stabbing attempt and the terrorist was killed. I asked to cover the body in a black bag. Once I was asked to take care of the body, I saw that it was a mistake and that the body belonged to a Jew and that it was not a terrorist.”

“I immediately informed the police and we changed the bag from a black back to a white bag. We are in times of terror and rush to the scene of every attack. In Be’er Sheva there was a mistake and an innocent man was killed and today a life was taken because of mistaken identity. I appeal to all gun owners to act with more discretion,” added Meshi Zahav.

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  1. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    הדריכות הישראלית בעקבות גל הטרור הביאה הערב לטרגדיה: יהודי, ככל הנראה מעורער בנפשו, התעמת עם שני אנשי כוחות הביטחון שניסו לעלות לאוטובוס ברחוב ירמיהו בירושלים.

    במהלך העימות ניסה האיש מסיבה שטרם הובררה לחטוף את נשקו של אחד מהם. הם חשדו שמדובר במחבל וירו בו למוות.

    יהודה משי זהב, יו”ר זק”א שנכח הערב במקום האירוע סיפר על ההתרחשות בזירה. “הגעתי עם צוות זק”א לזירת הפיגוע לכאורה היה נראה לנו כפיגוע “שיגרתי” בימים אלו ניסיון דקירה והמחבל חוסל. ביקשתי לכסות את הגופה בשקית שחורה. לאחר שהתבקשתי לטפל בגופה ראיתי שמדובר ביהודי והיה טעות שמדובר במחבל”.

    “מיד עדכנתי את המשטרה והחלפנו לשקית זק”א לבנה. אנו נמצאים בימים של טרור ומוזנקים לכל זירת פיגוע. בבאר שבע הייתה טעות ונהרג חף מפשע וכן היום נלקחו חיי אדם בגלל טעות בזיהוי. אני פונה לכל מחזיקי הנשק לפעול ביתר שיקול דעת”, דברי משי זהב.

  2. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    A gag order was lifted on the identity of the Jewish man who was mistaken for a terrorist and shot dead Wednesday night in Jerusalem; the man was named as Simcha Hodedtov, a 28-year-old resident of the capital.

    Police revealed the apparently mentally unstable immigrant from Dagestan shouted “I am ISIS!,” while grappling with soldiers near Jerusalem’s String Bridge, and after trying to grab one of their weapons he was shot dead.

    An initial police investigation has found the incident started when two soldiers tried to get on a bus at Yermiyahu Street apparently after finishing a shift of guard duty.

    Hodedtov, who worked as a security guard for a kindergarten, was getting off the bus when he spotted the soldiers and demanded to see their identity cards. In doing so he raised their suspicions, at which they asked to see his identity card.

    It is suspected the situation deteriorated into a clash at that point, with Hodedtov striking the soldiers and trying to steal the gun of one of them. A bus driver who saw the incident tried to help control Hodedtov while using an electric shocker.

    However, Hodedtov apparently continued to try and steal a gun from the soldier despite the electric shocker, and began shouting “I am ISIS!”

    A security guard who was on the scene saw the struggle taking place, and ran to help, shooting Hodedtov. The soldiers themselves then fired at him.

    Only afterwards did it become clear that the man was a Jewish resident of Jerusalem; police are continuing in their investigation of the tragic incident.

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