Married Prosecutor Is Arrested In Massive Prostitution Bust In Georgia

DUNWOODY, Ga. – An assistant district attorney has been arrested after turning himself into Dunwoody Police Department.

Gwinnett County ADA Christopher Quinn was charged along with several other people in connection with a prostitution sting back in December.

After placing hidden cameras in the area, police were able to obtain evidence of the illicit activity taking place near a police station at a Dunwoody apartment complex.

“It is my hope that these arrests will send a strong message beyond this jurisdiction that these crimes will not be tolerated in DeKalb County,” said District Attorney Sherry Boston.

According to Dunwoody Police Chief Bill Grogan, the entire sting took place at four different locations two apartments in Dunwoody and two in Atlanta orchestrated by three alleged ringleaders.

They were later identified as Sam Crenshaw, Darliene Crenshaw and George Moore.

The women’s ages involved in the sting ranged from 18 to about 44 and the police department was also able to identify 24 buyers that were involved.

District Attorney Danny Porter told 11Alive that Quinn has been suspended with pay.

“I’ve placed Christopher Quinn on suspension with pay,” he said. “We will be following the investigation closely.

I am not prepared to make any employment decisions.”

Quinn was a wll-known name in legal circles; he was part of the Fulton County prosecution team that tried courthouse killer Bryan Nichols.

He now handles death penalty appeals cases for Gwinnett County.

The DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office and Dunwoody Police addressed the operation at a sex trafficking press conference and offered a warning to anyone interested in participating in an operation such as this.

“Our message to anyone that would be interested in becoming a buyer and soliciting for sex is don’t do it,” Grogran said. “The people that you deal with, you don’t know their circumstances and you’re furthering a criminal enterprise when you do so.

It damages families. I’m sure the buyers in this case, their families have been damaged, so I would certainly say don’t do it.”

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