Miami, FL – 2 New York Haredi Residents Dead In Miami Drowning

Miami, FL – A well known real estate developer and renowned member of the Satmar community was one of two who died this morning in the Atlantic Ocean in North Miami Beach.

Yitzchak Rosenberg, owner of Certified Lumber in Williamsburg and owner and developer of several properties in Williamsburg, was pronounced dead on the scene after a riptide unexpectedly swept the group out into the ocean.

The second man was identified as Chaim Parnes, a diamond dealer who was robbed of $35,000 worth of merchandise, pistol whipped and had his tires slashed on a Thanksgiving 2015 visit to North Miami, according to Miami’s Local 10 News. At the time, Parnes said he was grateful to have survived the encounter.

“If (you) take away life, (it) doesn’t come back,” Parnes said. “So I’m thankful for God. Today’s Thanksgiving. I’m giving up big time for God that I’m alive.”

The two were among a group of five visitors from Kiyras Joel who were at Haulover Beach on 140th and Collins Avenue and were apparently pulled out by a riptide.

Two other men who got caught in the riptide are in stable condition. The fifth man in the group was unharmed.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…



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  1. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    טרגדיה קשה בחופי מיאמי: בשעות האחרונות התרחשה תאונה קשה במהלכה נפגעה יאכטה עליה שהו בין היתר מספר יהודים חרדים.

    לפי הדיווחים הראשוניים, בין הנפגעים באורח אנוש נמצאים לפחות שני יהודים נגידים מקהילת סאטמר בברוקלין שבניו יורק, ששהו במקום לחופשת קיץ.

    בפניה שהופצה לחסידי סאטמר נכתב: “אירוע מאוד קשה במיאמי פלורידיה. שני אנשים חשובים מקהילת סאטמר טבעו בעת שהם שהו במיאמי למנוחה. הראשון הוא ראש הקהל הרב יצחק ראזנבערג והשני הוא הרה”צ ר’ חיים פרנס מקרית יואל. נא להתפלל ולעורר רחמים מרובים”.

  2. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    Two frum men from New York were swept into the ocean on the coast of Miami, Florida, today and passed away.

    The incident occurred this morning, when a strong rip tide drew in the men, who were on a boat at the time.
    Two men are being treated at Aventura Medical Center. A fifth is said to have emerged unscathed.

    The two niftarim, pictured below, are R’ Yitzchok Rosenberg z”l, rosh hakahal in Satmar, and R’ Chaim Parnes z”l of Kiryas Yoel, owner of Certified Lumber.

    R’ Yitzchok and R’ Chaim were part of a group of men from Kiyras Yoel, NY, who were at the Haulover Beach off of Collins Avenue in North Miami Beach. The others are R’ Anshel Hershkowitz, R’ Yitzchok Englander and R’ Aharon Wertzberger.

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