Miami – Police Impersonator Pulls Over Officer, Needs Real Lawyer

A police impersonator whose car was outfitted with a blue light and sirens was arrested on Interstate 95 in Miami-Dade Friday morning after authorities say he pulled over a real detective.

Marcos Pacheco-Bustamante, 46, was arrested on a charge of falsely impersonating an officer and booked into jail, Miami-Dade Police said.

He was being held on $5,000 bond, and attorney information wasn’t available.

Police said the Miami-Dade detective was driving northbound on I-95 near Northwest 119th Street in full uniform and behind the wheel of a county-issued unmarked car when Pacheco-Bustamante, who was driving a green 2000 Ford Crown Victoria, changed lanes and got behind the detective.

Pacheco-Bustamante activated his sirens, and the detective changed lanes while Pacheco-Bustamante followed him. Thinking he was being stopped by an officer, the detective pulled over to the shoulder.

When the detective got out of his car he realized he was dealing with a police impersonator, and Pacheco-Bustamante was taken into custody.

A search of Pacheco-Bustamante’s car discovered the light and an H&K BB gun replica, police said.

Pacheco-Bustamante admitted he had done the same thing to other drivers who he had seen texting and/or speeding, officials said.

“He did tell the detectives that he has done this in the past, so we know that people have been stopped by him, we don’t know where he’s stopped other people,” police spokeswoman Jennifer Capote said.

Authorities are asking anyone who may have been a victim to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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