Mike Bloomberg’s Sex-Filled Estate

Mike Bloomberg must have forgotten to tip his maid, because now she’s talking!

Nelly Amaya — an ‘executive housekeeper’ for the former New York City Mayor, has filed a lawsuit for unspecified damages — claiming she experienced ‘physical injury’ and ‘discrimination’ while working at his $20 million dollar Hamptons estate!

The estate, known as ‘Ballyshear’ is a ‘den of debauchery,’ according to Amaya.

After just two weeks on the job, she said co-workers warned her ‘to be cautious when entering rooms’ in the mansion because she could witness other staffers engaging in sexual behavior!

Two Managers fingered in the lawsuit — Steve Kaczynski and Marika Sygman — are alleged to have had trysts in several rooms throughout the mansion.

Amaya recalled overhearing them on one occasion planning to have sex in the billiard room in the basement, next to the laundry room.

Sygman yelled, “No questions, Nelly!” at her when she realized she was in earshot of their conversation — causing her to become extremely upset!

She claims suffering bruises, back injuries and a concussion from falling down a staircase while trying to avoid overhearing the couple planning their sex sessions!

The lawsuit states Kaczynski and Sygman ‘revealed explicit and offensive details about their masturbation habits and sexual experiences’ — including orgies involving an underage male!

Amaya was terminated after just five months once she voiced her ongoing displeasure with the work environment.

She claims Sygman warned staffers, “If anyone goes to HR, see how far you fly when Mr. B kicks your ass out the door.”

The ex-maid also claims Bloomberg HR executive Diane Gubelli, who is also named in the lawsuit, forced her to delete conversations she had recorded that contained anti-Hispanic slurs aimed at her by her co-workers!

“Nelly went to work to feed her family and not to be treated like a second-class citizen. We will get to the truth,” said Amaya’s attorney.

As for her former boss, Amaya says Mr. Bloomberg was ‘really respectful’ — though she only saw him three times at the residence.

“I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what’s happening there,” said Amaya. “He needs to know he trusts some really bad people.”

Ballyshear LLC is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

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