Mila Kunis Faces Lawsuit After Being Accused Of Stealing Her Childhood Friend’s Chicken

Yes, you did read that headline and no, this isn’t a late April fools – Hollywood superstar Mila Kunis really is being sued for stealing a chicken from her childhood friend.

What is the World coming to, eh?

Kristina Karo has come forward to get her hand’s on some of her former pal’s millions by claiming that Mila was responsible for the emotional damage caused by the star’s theft.

Kristina maintains that during their first year at school (so when they were around about five years old), when they were both living in Ukraine , Mila was responsible for the disappearance of her beloved chicken, aptly named ‘Doggie’, who she was “inseparable” with.

According to TMZ, the peeved lady claims in her lawsuit that she loved the chicken like a puppy, as did Mila, who would come to her house to play with the fowl.

And no doubt hatch her evil kidnapping plan while she was at it.

When the poultry suddenly vanished from Kristina’s house, the woman claims that the mum-of-one confessed to nicking him, appaz telling her, “Kristina, you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm.”


The heartbroken woman goes on to insist that the disappearance of Doggie made her become an “emotional wreck” and she even had to have therapy to get over the loss.

In fact, Kristina goes so far as to say that when she eventually moved to LA to pursue a singing career, being so nearby to the mega star brought back bad memories of her lost chicken and she needed further treatment.

As a result, Mila is obvi (erm, or not) responsible for Kristina’s lost American dream, which means that Kristina is seeking $5,000 to cover her therapy costs and as compensation for all of the emotional distress that she went through.

We don’t know why but we have a sneaky feeling that the lawsuit isn’t exactly keeping Mila awake at night…

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