Missing Former Providence officer Shoots Himself on New Jersey Turnpike

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The Providence Police Department is investigating a crime scene in the city’s Elmhurst neighborhood.

Eyewitness News observed officers at 435 Eaton Street, Saturday evening.

Colonel Hugh Clements confirms investigators are focused on the garage.

The home belongs to Franklin Osgood, a retired Providence Police officer, and his wife.

Clements confirmed to Eyewitness News that Osgood is a former Providence Police officer, but only worked on the force for a short time.

Eyewitness News has learned Osgood retired from the force in March 2007, continues to receive money from his pension every month, and received an accidental disability retirement allowance in 2009.

Major David Lapatin with the Providence Police says the investigation into Osgood’s whereabouts began when police learned the former officer was in a “disturbed state,” traveling in a car with his wife, and police became concerned for the couple’s well-being.

“By the way former officer Osgood was talking, we were concerned for the safety for both his wife and himself,” says Lapatin.

Franklin Osgood was located driving his car in New Jersey just after 9 p.m. Saturday evening. Police would not comment on the location or condition of Osgood’s wife, Mary Jo. Police also wouldn’t comment on any pending charges against Franklin Osgood.

Earlier in the day, police issued a bulletin seeking Osgood and his wife before officers arrived on scene at their Eaton street home.

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