MK Oren Hazan Faces New Allegations of Sexual Harassment At Tel Aviv Bar

MK Oren Hazan faced fresh allegations on Monday night when a Channel 10 report claimed the deputy Knesset speaker sexually harassed employees at the Flaysher Hotel bar in Tel Aviv, which he managed in 2011-2012.

Last week, a Channel 2 report alleged that Hazan “arranged” prostitutes for gamblers at a casino he managed in Bulgaria, and a casino patron said Hazan was seen using hard drugs. Hazan denied these allegations, not before being suspended by Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein.

“We are entering a small and crowded space, just me and him, and he has no problem rubbing (against me) and physically grabbing my waist and pressing his groin to my rear, as if by accident,” M., one of the young women being interviewed, told Channel 10.

“It happened all the time. There was no way Oren passed by you without touching. We were afraid to be left alone with Oren. Afraid Oren will get drunk.”

M. claimed Hazan used to dance on the bar, taking off his shirt and pants, while another woman, G., corroborated that claim.

According to M., “there was an evening when he was really drunk and every girl at the bar – bartender, waitress, customer – who came to say goodbye to him and give him a kiss on the cheek, he would turn his face to get a kiss on the mouth.”

Another woman mentioned the same incident saying, “he wouldn’t let you leave a shift if he didn’t get a hug.”

According to G., “Everyone knew there was a disaster walking around and you just had to be careful of that hurricane. I remember when my friend brought me to work there, she told me – ‘be careful of Oren’. I remember my friend also told me that if he tried to hit on me – to ignore him. This is the man, and this is how you keep this job.”

Hazan told Channel 10 in response: “After you claimed I was a drugs dealer, a pimp and a spy, it was only obvious and predictable that you would come up with this kind of cheap and low accusations. These accusations also have no truth in them.”

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