Mom Was Asked To Leave First Class Because Her Baby Was Crying

ashion blogger Arielle Noa Charnas experienced a pretty uncomfortable situation in her flight on December 29. She and her daughter, Ruby, were on a six-hour flight from New York to Los Angeles.

The blogger told US Weekly that she was already terrified of flying and her daughter being with her made things even more difficult.

Her husband got three tickets at the First Class for the three of them.

She recalls the moment when she hopped on the plane, everyone was rude and were staring insistently. Some even rolled their eyes because the baby was crying.

After 10 minutes, a flight attendant asked her to take her baby and move to the back of the plane, because her baby’s crying was disturbing the others and many complaints were made.

Charnas, who was already terrified by the flight, burst into tears. Instead of the stewardess being helpful and compassionate she instead made the situation worse,” said the blogger.

Now, she questions her decision of taking her baby with her on the flight.

She says that people that have heard of the situation were shocked.

At her Instagram post where she told the story, she received over 1,600 comments from people that support her.

At the end, the couple and their baby didn’t leave their spots. After the plane took off, the baby girl fell asleep and they didn’t have any other problems.

On January 3, her husband was contacted by the CEO of Delta, who apologized, gave them $300 each and refunded the price of the tickets.

Although she appreciates the gesture, the blogger thinks this is not enough for how badly treated they were.

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