Monsey Homeowner Offers $2K Reward For Return of Stolen Jewelry

Monsey – A burglar stole thousands of dollars in jewelry given to Chaya Rabinovits at her wedding, and her husband of four years is offering a $2,000 reward for its return.

Arya Rabinovits, 25, said his 23-year-old wife the mother of their two young children is distraught about the loss.

He estimated the gold necklaces, bracelet, a ring, and a pair of diamond earrings as well as safe with personal papers is worth a total of about $11,500.

“My wife is very, very upset,” he said of the apparent burglary at their home off Pascack Road in Chestnut Ridge. “This was her wedding jewelry.

That’s the only reason I am doing this.

I want the jewelry back.”

He said he and the Ramapo police are willing to take tips leading to the items’ return. Or, he said, if the person who took the jewelry drops it back off on his porch, there “will be no questions asked.”

Rabinovits said he suspects if the thieves pawned the items, they likely chose shops outside Rockland to try to avoid detection.

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