Monsey Mom Spearheads Car Magnet Campaign Supporting Local Police Officers

Rockland County, NY – Monsey area residents may be starting a new trend, as a campaign to use car magnets to express appreciation to police officers may soon spread well beyond Rockland County.

The Appreciation Matters campaign is the brainchild of Shoshana Bernstein, a Spring Valley mother of five. Hoping to give the Jewish community a chance to show their gratitude to members of local law enforcement, Mrs. Bernstein decided to print car magnets bearing the slogan “I support and thank my police department.”

An initial order of 2,000 magnets was distributed to the Ramapo Police Department and four large kosher supermarkets: Evergreen, Wesley Kosher, Rockland Kosher and Monsey Glatt.

Within one week, which included two days of Rosh Hashana, almost all 2,000 magnets have been snapped up and another 1,000 are on order.

“So many people were thrilled with the vehicle to show appreciation,” Mrs. Bernstein told TOT News.

Feedback from the Ramapo Police Department was equally enthusiastic, with Chief Brad Weidel describing the magnets as a visual boost for police officers.

“I have no doubt that when officers see these car magnets, whether it’s a Ramapo officer or a state trooper, it will give them a momentary pat on the back and reinforce the message that our community cares,” said Chief Weidel.

Mrs. Bernstein said that she has received numerous inquiries from others who want to launch the program in different communities and, because the concept is so universal, she is exploring the possibility of taking Appreciation Matters nationwide.

While the campaign may have started as an effort within the Jewish community, Mrs. Bernstein said that the idea is a universal one that goes well beyond religious boundaries.

“This is all about showing appreciation to police who put their lives on the line every day,” said Mrs. Bernstein.

Still, having a campaign of this nature originate within Ramapo’s Jewish community has been exceptionally sweet for Mrs. Bernstein.

“I’m so proud of my community and how enthusiastic everyone has been,” said Mrs. Bernstein. “People are so happy to do this.”

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