Mother Shares Heartbreaking Plea To Find Missing Daughter In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — A mother’s heartbreaking plea to help find her missing 17-year-old daughter has gone viral on social media.

Sarah Dunsey’s family says the teen who lives in Logan, Utah is a victim of sex trafficking.

She was last seen Jan. 15 at the MGM in Las Vegas. That’s where the family believes she was abducted.

Social media is exploding with a powerful campaign to bring her home.

In the video, Dunsey’s mom looks into the camera and says, “January 15th, our daughter Sarah Dunsey was abducted from Las Vegas, Nevada.”

“She’s being held against her will and Sarah is a victim of sex trafficking,” she continued.

News 3 has learned the FBI is involved with the investigation.

“We have to have her home. I cannot wonder where she is,” Dunsey’s mom went on to say.

Dunsey’s family believes the 17-year-old left home with friends on Jan. 12.

They say after a stop in St. George, Utah, Dunsey and her friends made their way to Las Vegas.

“Some days it feels like we’re close to finding her and others it’s just so overwhelming,” said Leah Hullinger, Dunsey’s aunt.

The viral video has already been watched a half million times. Hullinger hopes the video brings in tips. She also hopes it reaches Dunsey.

“Just keep fighting Sarah. Don’t let them strip you of your identity, who you are, and everything you are. Don’t let them do that you,” said Hullinger.

Dunsey’s mother ends the video by saying, “Sarah, this message is for you. I need you. All of us need you. So fight, we’re coming to get you.”

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