‘NCIS’ Actress Pauley Perrette Allegedly Assaulted By Homeless Man Outside Hollywood Hills Home

HOLLYWOOD HILLS — A 45-year-old homeless man was arrested Friday after allegedly assaulting “NCIS” actress Pauley Perrette outside of her Hollywood Hills home.

The attack unfolded shortly after 5 p.m. on Thursday night while Perrette walked to a guest house to meet her architect, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

“On my street, I was jumped by a very psychotic homeless man,” Perrette stated within a statement posted to her Twitter account.

“He grabbed me so forcefully, pinned my arm and punched me in the nose and forehead. He [kept] repeatedly telling me he was going to kill me. Then he showed me how he was going to kill me.”

After the attack, the actress says she collapsed in the street in shock of what occurred. Perrette added she saw a man walking his dog nearby, but he did not stop to help her.

“I texted my friend next door and my church friend cop,” Perrette added. “I immediately drew a police sketch of the guy who was headed towards Hollywood Boulevard with murder in his eyes.”

Entertainment Tonight released an exclusive first look at Perrette’s sketch of her alleged attacker.

Police said Perrette’s friend tracked down the suspect, David Merck, at a 7-Eleven convenience store located on Cahuenga Boulevard at Yucca Street.

The actress positively identified Merck as her attacker. He was subsequently taken into custody on suspicion of criminal threats and felony assault.

Perrette reported feeling pain and redness to her nose following the assault.

The investigation is ongoing.

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