Neo-Nazi ‘Miss Charming’ of Russian Soccer Stripped of Title

The Russian Soccer Premier League’s newly crowned “Miss Charming” has been stripped of her title on Tuesday after her posts in Russian social media exposed her as a neo-Nazi.

Olga Kuzkova, 21, was CSKA Moscow’s team queen, chosen from a pool of their female fans to represent the team at the Miss Premier League pageant. Though falling short of winning first prize, Kuzkova was declared the most charming among the contestants, representing the league’s 16 teams.

Shortly after, Kuzkova’s page on social media site VKontakte came into the spotlight, and CSKA’s fans were shocked to find among the regular fare of risqué selfies also myriad posts espousing white supremacist views.

Though the offensive posts have since been removed from Kuzkova’s page, one such post, according to The Moscow Times, showed Kuzkova giving a Nazi salute in front of neo-Nazi graffiti.

Another post showed two images spliced together – one of a Cadbury Bubbly bar, a type of chocolate bar, and the other of African children dressed in dirty clothing. “I love chocolate, but after this image I developed an… aversion,” Kuzkova wrote, apparently drawing a similarity between the images.

Another photo showed a woman attired like a French maid, standing smiling in front of two fiery ovens. The photo was captioned with text calling for the burning of Jews and natives of the Caucasus.

Heeding the calls of the fan base of the soccer club, whose president Yevgeny Giner is Jewish, the league quickly deprived Kuzkova of her title. “We do not tolerate manifestations of fascism, nationalism and racism,” the league’s executive director said, according to the Moscow Times.

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