Netanyahu Cancels Trip To Germany After Terror Attacks

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled his planned visit to Germany due to the recent attacks in Israel.

An official, who asked to remain anonymous, told AFP that “The trip has been postponed due to the security situation.”

The one-day trip was scheduled for tomorrow, and was to mark 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. While there, the Prime Minister and several Cabinet members would have met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Today has seen a notable increase in attacks, both in number and their severity. Near Tekoa, Arabs attacked cars with stones and cinder blocks. When one woman stopped her car, the assailants tried to drag her out.

Later, an Arab terrorist stabbed a Jewish man in Jerusalem’s Old City. The wounded man then managed to draw his own weapon and shoot the terrorist.

Most recently, an Arab man in Kiryat Gat stabbed a soldier in the head and tried to steal his gun. When police arrived on the scene, the terrorist opened fire on them, but he was killed in the firefight.

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