New Clues Could Point To Karina Vetrano Killer

Police investigating the brutal rape and murder of a Queens jogger have found new evidence that could be used to trace her killer, law enforcement sources said Friday.

The missing sneaker and earphones of 30-year-old Karina Vetrano were discovered about 60 feet away from where her bruised and battered body was found in the tall-weeded park near her Howard Beach home, sources said.

The blue and gold New Balance sneaker and the earphones were left in opposite directions from each other in the vast Spring Creek Park, leading investigators to believe that the savage murderer threw Vetrano’s belongings during the Tuesday night attack, sources said.

Police are testing the items for DNA and fingerprints.

Vetrano was murdered after she set out on a solo run at 5 p.m. on a remote dirt path in the underdeveloped marshy land.

The avid runner and fitness buff was ferociously attacked and dragged about 15 feet off the path during her workout, according to sources.

Investigators believe that while she was dragged, her sneaker and earphones came off near the path and that before the killer left the scene of the crime, he picked the items up and threw them in opposite directions, sources said.

Vetrano’s killer knocked out her tooth as she desperately fought for her life, sources said.

Her father, who regularly runs with his daughter, made the grisly discovery of her body several hours later as he searched the parkland with police.

Devastated family and friends were getting ready to gather Friday afternoon to pay their respects to Vetrano at her six-hour wake at the James Romanelli-Stephen Funeral Home in Ozone Park.

The funeral for Vetrano was scheduled for Saturday at 12 p.m. at St. Helen Church in Howard Beach.

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