New Jersey – Sketchy Hasidic Real Estate Tactics Cited By Proponents Of Tighter “No Knock” Regulations In Jackson

Jackson, NJ – On Tuesday, the city council in Jackson is expected to take up a measure aimed at tightening regulations surrounding the town’s “no knock” ordinance.

Cited by residents in favor of the measure are an increasing number of complaints by local residents that Hasidic men, possibly from nearby Lakewood, are trolling Jackson neighborhoods trying to put pressure on residents to sell their homes. reports that at last month’s meeting, an Arizona Avenue resident told the council that a man—-whom she described as Hasidic—-curtly badgered her with questions about her home after knocking on her door unannounced.

Vitina Hamilton said the Hasidic man sternly told her, “You really should sell your house. I’m sure you don’t want to be surrounded by Jews.”

With neighboring Lakewood’s Jewish community expanding by about 4,000 births per year, some are speculating that Hasidics are targeting Jackson to accommodate its housing needs.

Current penalties for violating Jackson’s “no knock” ordinance range in fines from $500 to $1200 with no jail time. The new proposal calls for fines starting at $1250 with as much as 90 days in imprisonment.

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