New NYPD Smartphones Helped Cops Nab Suspect

A couple of cops in Brooklyn tracked down a gunman who tried to kill a foe over the weekend — after recognizing his photo on a wanted poster that was sent to their new NYPD-issued smartphones, authorities said.

The officers used the newly issued technology in their hunt for 29-year-old Devon Cummings, who was arrested Sunday for shooting a man in the neck and hip inside an East Flatbush building, cops said.

The gunfire came amid an ongoing dispute that the 36-year-old victim was having with Cumming’s pal last week, cops said.

The victim and shooter’s pal had come to blows Thursday when a stare-down in the hallway of the New York Avenue building turned ugly, with the foe telling the victim,“I’m gonna get you shot by the end of the week,” authorities said.

On Saturday, Cummings made good on his friend’s promise when he opened fire just outside the victim’s apartment door, grazing him in the neck and shooting him in the hip, cops said.
The man was rushed to Kings County Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The victim and his girlfriend were able to identify the shooter by his nickname, “Scope,” before pointing him out to authorities in a photo array, which was then sent out to officers in the form of a wanted poster.

Two cops who saw the poster immediately recognized Cumming’s photo and went to his Ryder Street home, where he was apprehended Sunday and charged with assault and multiple counts of possession of a weapon, according to police.


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