New Square – Ramapo Police Arrest Four Teens For Throwing Eggs At Jewish Pedestrians

A group of four Clarkstown teens got more than they bargained for after an early morning egg throwing spree in New Square as local residents surrounded their vehicle, preventing them from leaving the village and detaining them until authorities arrived.

Approximately half a dozen eggs were thrown at pedestrians in New Square, striking two people, with one of the occupants of the car shouting an anti-Semitic obscenity.

Ramapo police were contacted at 2:38 AM and upon their arrival, found the 2014 black Toyota Corolla carrying the four teens surrounded by local residents.

“It was a mob of people, probably upwards of about 200 community members,” Sergeant Margaret Sammarone of the Ramapo Police Department told TOT News.

“This was an ugly incident that, thankfully, ended peacefully.”

Pearl River residents 19 year old Daniel Brophy and 18 year old Joseph Schiavone, and Nanuet residents 18 year old Jonathan Raffi and 19 year old Catherine Donnelly were arrested and charged with Aggravated Harassment in the Second Degree, a misdemeanor.

The incident does not meet the state’s definition of a hate crime, which would have raised charges to felony status.

None of the four teens have a prior criminal record.

Bail was set for all four at their arraignment this morning in Ramapo Town Court.

As of this writing, only Donnelly has been released on bail.

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