New York – Jewish Community Extends Consolation And Support To Members Of Charleston Church

New York – Hours after the horrific killings in Charleston which took the lives of nine people worshipping in one of the oldest black churches in south, the Jewish community is expressing its solidarity with members of the Emanuel AME Church.

A statement released today by Agudath Israel of America condemned the racially motivated killings, noting that they echoed the bloodbath that took place in a Jerusalem synagogue seven months ago, and conveyed its condolences to the community in mourning.

“Ours is a community that has long history of having suffered violence against worshippers, most recently in the case of the murderous terrorist attack on the Har Nof, Israel synagogue last November. That makes us all the more sensitive to the pain that was caused in Charleston today.”

Rabbi Leonard Matanky and Rabbi Mark Dratch of the Rabbinical Council of America sent a letter to parishioners, expressing outrage about the murderous rampage and sending words of sympathy to church members and the victims’ families.

“We extend to you, and to their families, our deepest expressions of condolence and pledge to work with you, and other people of faith, to bring an end to violence and discrimination, and to the hatreds that so many of us had hoped had waned which have returned with virulent force,” read the letter.

The RCA letter ended with words of consolation taken from the Navi, expressing the promise of healing and future happiness for church members and their families.

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