New York – Midtown Jeweler Reports $10M Diamond Theft

New York, NY – A midtown jeweler reported to police on Thursday that diamonds with value of up to $10M were stolen from a safe at his business which he routinely leaves open during business hours. reports that Jonathan Birnbach informed police on Thursday that sometime on Wednesday the diamonds disappeared from a 3rd-floor safe inside his business, J. Birnbach, Inc. located at 5th Ave. and 47th Street.

Birnbach told police that the jewels were contained in three wooden boxes and that he failed to notice they were missing initially because he doesn’t often deal with these particular diamonds.

Birnbach said it is customary for the safe to be left open during business hours for convenience in accessing jewels.

Birnbach also reported that there were contractors working in the building during the day of the theft.

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