New York – Substantial Fine For Brooklyn DA In Ethics Violation

Brooklyn, NY – It was a monumental fine levied by the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board and ironically enough, it was slapped on an individual who serves as chief law enforcement and legal officer for one of the five boroughs.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson was hit with a $15,000 fine, one of the highest ever levied by the COIB, for having asked police officers on his safety detail to buy him meals, paying for the food out of their own pockets, according to The New York Post.

Thompson acknowledged that he asked the officers to buy lunch for him from approximately January 2014 through May 2014. The total out of pocket cost laid out by the officers for those meals was just over $2,000.

“They requested and received reimbursement for these expenditures from the Kings County District Attorney’s Office with authorization from the KCSA’s fiscal office,” said Thompson.

After learning that his lunch requests could potentially be in violation of city regulations, Thompson asked officer to pick up his meals only when he worked nights and weekends.

Once again, those initial costs came out of police officer’s wallets, for a total of $1,489.

Thompson said that the put an end to the practice completely after learning that it could also be against the law and that officers were reimbursed for all of the meals purchased.

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