NY, NJ Bombing Suspect Rahami In Custody After Shootout

Ahmad Rahami a 28-year-old naturalized Afghanistan citizen was taken into custody after a gun battle with police in Linden, New Jersey, a senior law enforcement official said.

Rahami was taken into custody after firing at police officers in Linden, the official said.

At least one officer was shot in the chest during the takedown, but was not seriously wounded because he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Rahami was also wounded in the shootout.

Officials released a photo Monday of Rahami, whose last known address is Elizabeth.

“We do not yet know if this was a lone wolf or if it was something that involved other individuals,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in an MSNBC interview.

The blast in Chelsea injured 29 people, though all have since been released from the hospital.

An unexploded pressure cooker with a cellphone attached and wires protruding was found four blocks away; it was taken to a firing range. A senior law enforcement official says a fingerprint found on one of the unexploded devices was key in leading authorities to Rahami as a suspect.

“He certainly seemed to do virtually nothing to cover his tracks,” the official said.

The discovery of the Manhattan devices came hours after a pipe bomb exploded in a trash bin at a Marine 5K in Seaside Park, New Jersey.

Authorities had said they believed the device had been timed to go off as participants were running by, but the race had been late. It was canceled and no one was hurt.

New Jersey State Police said Monday, citing the FBI, that the bombings in Chelsea and the New Jersey shore town Seaside Park were connected.

It wasn’t immediately clear if five pipe bombs found in a trash can near a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey, late Sunday were also linked to the suspect.

Old-fashioned flip phones were found on the devices in Manhattan and in Seaside Park, law enforcement officials close to the investigation told NBC 4 New York.

A senior law enforcement official said information obtained from the phones connected to two unexploded devices also pointed to Rahami.

The investigation into the devices found in Elizabeth was ongoing, and authorities were raiding a fried chicken restaurant owned by Rahami’s father and several other buildings in the area as part of the probe.

Meanwhile, five people believed to be relatives or associates of Rahami were taken into custody Saturday during a traffic stop on the Verrazano Bridge.

No one has been charged; the stop came as authorities pursued a “promising lead” into surveillance video obtained from two sites in Manhattan where explosive devices were found — one on 23rd Street and one on 27th Street.

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  1. Joe Levin
    Joe Levin says:

    רשת NBC מדווחת כי הרשויות הפדרליות עצרו בניו ג’רזי לאחר קרב יריות חשוד בהטמנת מטעני החבלה, שאחד מהם התפוצץ הבוקר במדינה.

    מדובר באחמד חאן רחמני, יליד אפגניסטן שהתגורר בניו ג’רזי ונערך אחריו מצוד נרחב במהלך היממה האחרונה.

    המשטרה חושדת כי חאן רחמני אחראי לא רק למטענים בניו ג’רזי – אלא גם לפיגוע שהיה אתמול בניו יורק.

    על פי הדיווחים במהלך קרב היריות שערכו השוטרים עימו – נורה לפחות שוטר אחד – וגם החשוד נפצע.

    מוקדם יותר דווח כי הרשויות האמריקניות חושדות שמדובר בשרשרת של פיגועים מתוזמנים מראש שנעשו על ידי תא טרור שהכוון על ידי דאע”ש.

    מושל ניו יורק אנדרו קומו רמז כי הפיגועים נראים כמו פעילות טרור שכוונה על ידי גופים זרים.

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