NY – Opponents Of Kaporos Ask Manhattan Judge To Halt The Slaughter

Brooklyn, NY – Lawyers for a group opposing the Jewish ritual of Kaporos were in a Manhattan court today, asking that a Superior Court judge put an end to the annual event not only because of they find it offensive, but due to the fact that it violates some 15 laws.

New York Post reports that speaking on behalf of her clients who have brought suits against several rabbis and Yeshivas in Borough Park and Crown Heights over the makeshift Kaporos slaughterhouses, Attorney Nora Marino told Justice Debra James that her clients “are confronted with this horror every year, the stench, the litter, the filth, the flood, the feces, the feathers…”

Marino argued that Brooklyn residents face a potential health crisis of “epidemic proportions” if the 10-day event leading up to Yom Kippur is not nixed, while adding that event “violates 15 laws” health and otherwise.

David Jaroslwaski, who’s representing one the rabbis sued, Rabbi Shea Hecht, rejected Marino’s assertions, stating, “You don’t get sick from inhaling chickens.”

“This is make-believe mass hysteria about something that doesn’t exist,” Jaroslawski said.

James said she’ll rule Sept. 10.

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