NY State Police Investigate Threat Made In Yiddish Against NY Senator Larkin Over KJ Annexation Controversy

State Police are investigating an apparently threatening message directed at Republican Sen. Bill Larkin, his office on Thursday evening confirmed.

The message, written in Yiddish and sent over Twitter, was in response to a post providing an update on a bill aimed at strengthening state oversight of controversial land annexations for the village of Kiryas Joel.

The initial Tweet sent by Larkin’s office that prompted the response appears to have since been deleted.

“Right now we’re looking into a response on the senator’s Twitter page,” said Larkin spokesman Brian Maher. “The State Police are conducting an investigation.”

Land annexations in the Hudson Valley community of Kiryas Joel, where the vast majority of residents are Hasidic Jews, is part of an ongoing controversy in Orange County and the town of Monroe.

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