NYC Judge Lets Bikini Model Dodge Jail Time For $2M Identity Theft Scam

Patricia Perez-Gonzalez, 27, was convicted of using stolen credit card accounts to fund a lavish lifestyle with her boyfriend.

The devious couple would use the accounts to stock up on high-end items, which they would sell on for huge profits through online store Le Fashion Wheels.

Their social media profiles at the time showed them dining at high end restaurants and staying in luxury hotels.

When police searched their Miami homes, they found them overflowing with stolen Rolex watches and Chanel bags.

After being nicked in April last year, the curvy Instagram star cut a deal to face one count of fourth-degree grand larceny to avoid a stint in jail.

She was sentenced to a conditional discharge, meaning she will not serve jail or probation.

Mitigating, John Pappalardo said the dental-hygiene student had turned over a new leaf since being charged.

He added: “She’s a full-time college student getting straight As, and she’s very happy to put this whole situation behind her.”

Judge Laura Ward said Perez-Gonzalez had learned her lesson in the case.

She added: “I don’t anticipate I or any other judge will ever see you again.”

Her now ex-boyfriend, Alberto Companioni, 31, is facing up to six year in jail on charges of grand larceny and identity theft.

Perez-Gonzalez has an army of followers on Instagram and Twitter, where she regularly posts sexy selfies.

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