NYPD: Coyote Sighting Reported In Upper Manhattan Park

NEW YORK – The NYPD is searching from the air and on the ground in Riverside Park for a coyote that was reported around 120th Street on Wednesday morning.

It is pupping season for coyotes– a time male coyotes search for food for recently born coyote pups. The animals, which resemble dogs, are seen more by humans this time of year as they attempt to protect their dens.

SkyFoxHD was over the search area of Riverside Drive and 83rd Street in Manhattan. Police spread out to Riverside Drive and 96th Street and then 120th Street.

An officer could be seen carrying a tranquilizer gun as he searched for the animal. An NYPD helicopter was also overhead.

This is one of several recent coyote sightings in and around the New York City area.

Last week, a coyote had police going in circles in a courtyard in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.

A coyote was also spotted on the roof of a bar in Queens several weeks ago.

Another coyote attacked a man walking his dog in Bergen County last week.

New York News

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