NYPD Officer Charged With Talking To Girlfriend About Investigation

A New York officer may have wished he followed his head rather than his heart after being arrested for leaking classified information to a woman at the center of NYPD probe whom he had started dating.

Adam Malki, 24, set out to romance the woman after learning she was close to a target he was investigating out of his Bronx precinct.

And not only did he court her, he also told her key details of the investigation, authorities said Monday.

The now-suspended officer was arrested Monday morning while off- duty in the South Bronx, according to DNA Info.

Malki shared key details of the probe, including photos of ‘any and all girlfriends’ of the probe’s targets.

He had been tasked back in September with helping investigators review social media posts, messages and photos in his precinct in the Concourse neighborhood.

Court papers seen by the Daily News suggest they were relating to a gang investigation.

The probe focused on a ‘group of individuals collectively known as (redacted), who were alleged to have committed crimes in and around the confines of the 44th Precinct’.

The romantic relationship began when Malki approached her while in uniform outside the Budda Lounge, a nightclub in Highbridge, after he came across the woman’s information in his searches.

The pair started dating after he asked for her number.

But as the relationship progressed he began to give her more information about the investigation and including details about their plans to arrest key targets.

On Sunday, Malki was arrested on charges of official misconduct. He has been suspended and has surrendered his shield and gun, according to NYPD officials.

He was arraigned in Bronx Criminal Court Monday and released on his own recognizance.

Malki’s mother Jacqueline told: ‘The girl is not telling the truth.

When he asked her if she was in the gang, she said she wasn’t. He didn’t know it when they started going out.’

It was not immediately clear if the woman was connected to any of the people involved in the investigation.

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