NYPD Officer Chews Out Uber Driver In Foul-Mouthed Tirade

The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating a video posted Monday to YouTube that apparently shows a hostile West Village encounter between a police officer and an Uber driver.

The video appears to have been recorded on the West Side Highway. The officer is not in uniform but hands the driver a summons, refers to himself as an officer and is seen walking back to an unmarked car with flashing lights.

“Stop it with your mouth, stop it with your ‘for what, sir, for what, sir?’ stop it with that b——t,” the officer tells the driver at the beginning of the video.

In the obscenity-laced video — recorded by a passenger in the back of the car — the officer demands to know how long the driver, who speaks with an accent, has been in the United States.

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