NYPD Special Victims Cop Accused of Groping Rape Victim Faces Another Legal Battle

A disgraced ex-Special Victims cop accused of groping a rape victim told a West African-born suspect “you have no rights in your country” and interviewed him without an attorney, a new lawsuit alleges.

Moussa Diarra, 50, was arrested in September 2014 for allegedly raping his then-wife and mutilating her genitals with a razor blade but was acquitted in March.

One of the cops handling the investigation was Lukasz Skorzewski, 32, according to the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court.

His alleged actions are described in the papers but he is not being sued individually by Diarra.

The so-called “Cuddle Cop” and his then-boss, now-retired Lt. Adam Lamboy, 45, traveled to Seattle in July 2013 to interview a woman about an alleged rape in a Union Square apartment that January.

They took her on a pub crawl one day after the initial interview and convinced her to crash at their Bellevue, Wash., Embassy Suites room.

She slept in Skorzewski’s room, and at first she was alone in the bed while he snoozed on the sofa.

But Skorzewski sneaked into her bed the following morning — and groped her for 30 minutes, she claims in an ongoing suit.

Skorzewski has since filed a $2-million defamation claim against the woman, saying her comments sullied his “good name and reputation.”

Diarra, who spent four months in jail from his arrest until he could post bail, alleges Skorzewski and another cop, named as Katia Jasmin in the suit, didn’t read him his rights.

They interviewed him without his consent — and without a lawyer, according to Diarra, who struggles with English.

Skorzewski also allegedly said, “You have no rights in your country, what law are you talking about?” to Diarra, a U.S. citizen originally from Ivory Coast.

Cops also ignored medical records showing no assault or cuts had taken place, his lawyer contends.

“From the start, the police officers rushed to judgment,” Diarra’s lawyer, Ken Sibanda, told the.

“As a result, an innocent man spent four months in Rikers Island, awaiting bail, for a crime that never happened, a crime he never committed.”

Skorzewski’s lawyer declined to comment.

The NYPD referred comment to the city Law Department, which said it’s reviewing the allegations.

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