NYSE, United Airlines, WSJ.com Hit With Computer Issues

BREAKING NEWS: Trading on the New York Stock Exchange was halted around noon Wednesday after officials reported a major technical issue.

The computer problem comes a few hours after a major computer issue forced United Airlines to temporarily stop all takeoffs, and the Wall Street Journal confirmed that its website — WSJ.com — was experiencing technical difficulties.

While an official at the NYSE told Fox News that no malicious activity was suspected in the computer glitch, nonetheless it was continuing to investigate the cause.

United Airlines resumed takeoffs by late morning.

The White House confirmed to Fox News that President Obama had been briefed on the NYSE situation.

The technical problems came as China’s stock market continued its selloff Wednesday, losing more than $3 trillion in market value. The China market situation had sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average down more than 200 points when the computer glitch kicked in.

Trading on other major exchanges continued as normal.

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