Obama’s ADL Boss Goes To War Against Cruz, Trump, Orthodox Jews

Two years ago, I warned that the ADL would turn truly ugly under its new boss, Jonathan Greenblatt, an Obama veteran. And that’s exactly what happened.

The ADL has attacked Trump and Cruz for calling for stronger terrorism prevention. Meanwhile Bernie Sanders gets a pass despite posing with Muslim members of anti-Semitic hate groups.

The ADL claims to be fighting anti-Semitism, but what does fighting anti-Semitism have to do with attacking Cruz and Trump over counter-terrorism?

In fact, preventing Muslim terrorism fights anti-Semitism. A significant number of Muslim terror plots have targeted synagogues and Jews. Instead the ADL has stood with HIAS, J Street and other radical anti-Israel groups fighting to bring more Muslims for more anti-Semitic violence to America.

Instead of addressing that, Jonathan Greenblatt penned a bizarre screed for Haaretz, a radical left-wing anti-Israel paper headlined, “American Jews, demand action on ultra-Orthodox hate speech”. Haaretz is the paper whose key figures cite the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and runs articles headlined, “The Conference of the Elders of Zion” and “Trump at AIPAC: A Jewish Betrayal of the United States”.

Not a word of protest from Greenblatt and the ADL. Instead of fighting anti-Semitism, Jonathan Greenblatt is fighting Republican presidential candidates and Orthodox Jews.

The ADL was never worth much as an organization. But it’s turning into a complete disaster.

Jonathan Greenblatt won’t call out his own boss, Obama. He won’t call out the paper that publishes him even when it accuses Jews of “betraying America”. The only thing he will do is carry water for the left.

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