Oligarch Gennady Bogolyubov Settles Property Dispute With His Rabbi

The Belgravia billionaire who was sued by his own rabbi over two major London property deals has settled the case out of court.

Gennady Bogolyubov — who is also being sued by Tony Blair’s friend Viktor Pinchuk in the biggest High Court damages claim — was alleged to have reneged on a joint venture with Rabbi Yonah Pruss to invest in London properties.

The rabbi claimed that he acted as a UK fixer for the oligarch when Bogolyubov moved his family from Ukraine to London, and had helped them to settle into their new life in a vast mansion in Belgrave Square.

Pruss also started a business here with Bogolyubov in which he would scout for properties the billionaire would invest in.

Profits were to be split with Bogolyubov getting 90% and the rabbi 10%.

But Bogolyubov put the most valuable properties of the collection — in Trafalgar Square and Knightsbridge — into his “family portfolio” rather than the joint venture.

Pruss sued, demanding more than £20 million, in a case that was to have hit the courts yesterday.

Bogolyubov’s lawyer has denied the two properties were ever supposed to be part of the joint venture.

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