An Open Letter To Berel Lazar Alias So-Called “Chief Rabbi of Russia”

Berel Lazar,

Already a long time ago it became clear for me that you are not acting in accordance with Jewish morality and you use the position of the formal leader of the one of the Russian Jewish official communities in order to commit frauds, particularly for the benefit of your tricky associate Leviev.

In 2012, the High Court of Justice in London noted in its decision that you, Lazar, presented to the Court knowingly fraudulent statements in order to favorite Leviev’s frauds.

I have in my possession your knowingly fraudulent written statements in which you defame me without restraint, although even the last hooligan would not write such things.

I requested you to come in front of Beit Din in order to convict you in the evident frauds committed by you.

After you refused 3 times to come to Beit Din, I filed my Claim in the District Court of Tel Aviv against you, Lazar, and your accomplice Leviev.

I hope that, despite your attempt to avoid the trial, soon you and your accomplice Leviev will be condemned.

Your tricky accomplice Leviev has built his fortune on my misfortune, as for many years I was targeted by the politically motivated persecution in France, and Leviev, in order to steal my assets, was behind many of defamatory campaigns in the media against me and also incited the authorities to act against me.

I know that yourself, Lazar, and other members of your staff, such as Mondschain, Gorin, etc., spread all kinds of rumors in order to defame me.

One of the subjects of your defamation is to present me in the eyes of Jewish communities as a “non-Jewish” or “goy”. And that while, for many years, I was officially presented by you, at least until 2005, as one of the most prominent Jews in Russia and one of the most important financial contributors to the Jewish community in Russia.

So, your accomplice Leviev, in order to deceive and mislead the public, tries to show himself as a man who respects Jewish traditions and Torah.

And all that only with the goal to misappropriate the money and assets of his partners, banks, insurance companies or pension funds that Leviev attracts by his artificial image of a religious Jew.

And you, Lazar, entirely assist Leviev in the commitment of his crookeries, also by misleading the public by providing to Leviev an image of “sanctity” by using your, Lazar, status of so-called “Chief Rabbi of Russia”. Lazar, in the defamatory campaign you, Lazar, and Leviev attempt to hint that “Gaydamak” is not a name for a Jew and thus Gaydamak is a “goy”.

I suppose that this assumption of yours is due to an extremely low level of education of yourself and the Bukhari-type merchant Leviev.

I attach an excerpt from an article recently published in the Israeli newspaper “The Marker” where it is stated that “the members of the Leviev family called Gaydamak “goy” while knowing that he is a Jew”.

So, you, Lazar, never interfere in order to deny these allegations grave enough to excommunicate (Herem) members of Leviev’s family (or Leviev himself).

Therefore, in order to teach you, so-called “Chief Rabbi of Russia”, I attach to this letter a copy of handwritten letter by Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan, known as “Hafetz Hayim”.

This letter was remitted to me by the Rabanim considered as the most prominent of our time. As you can see, in his letter Hafetz Hayim presented to one of the most prominent Yeshiva his student named Haim Gaydamak, so despite your and Leviev’s allegations and suspicions, Hafetz Hayim considered Mr. Haim Gaydamak (who could have been one of my relatives) at least as a Jew.

Moreover, you, Lazar, and your accomplice Leviev, undoubtedly never heard about one of the fundamental treatises written by Hafetz Hayim who has written, as if it were written for you, “Guard your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceitfully. Shun evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it”.

The book “Hafetz Hayim” is about Lashon hara and, in accordance with what is written, you, Lazar, and Leviev are in full breach of Jewish law, as you are individuals that spread knowingly wrong rumors and defame in order to steal other people’s assets.

While you, Lazar, and your Bukhari accomplice Leviev are born from the Jewish mothers, I call you individuals born as Jews who are acting contrary to the Jewish morality and use image “alike a Jew” to deceive and to commit frauds.

Arcadi Gaydamak

Handwritten letter of Hafetz Hayim



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