PBA To Protest De Blasio Outside His Favorite Gym

Dozens of city cops plan to protest outside Mayor de Blasio’s favorite gym this week as their union demands he use his “me” time to work out a new contract for rank-and-file police officers.

Members of the Police Benevolent Association are expected to be in force outside the Prospect Park YMCA in Brooklyn around 7 am Monday well before de Blasio usually shows up.

“If Mayor de Blasio wants to sit down and negotiate a fair contract with New York City police officers, we’ll meet him any time, any place,” said PBA President Pat Lynch.

“Since the gym is where he’s spending a significant portion of the workday, our members will meet him there, even if it means taking time away from their families and second jobs.”

The protests — which are set to start Monday and are planned outside the Y throughout the week will come as the PBA releases a new TV ad demanding better more pay before the backdrop of the recent bombing attack in Chelsea.

De Blasio ruffled feathers last week after postponing a Tuesday morning engagement with blind Chelsea residents who were just steps away when the bomb exploded ten days ago. Instead of kicking off the event at its initially scheduled 11 am start time, Hizzoner was having breakfast and exercising with his wife.

He left the gym shortly after 11 am, but said the event was postponed because he didn’t want to conflict with the schedule of US Homeland Security director Jeh Johnson.
The PBA ad features the police response to the Chelsea explosion prominently throughout its footage.

“City police officers have had to work under an expired contract since 2012 that pays far less than other departments with Mayor de Blasio refusing to protect the people who protect us,” the ad’s voice-over intones. “Every day we honor our contract with the city. We deserve to be given a fair one.”

City Hall shot back that the PBA like every other police and uniformed union was offered an 11 percent pay bump over seven years, but passed on the offer.

“Since taking office, we have tried again and again to work with the PBA to provide their members with a fair long-term deal with significant raises and benefits a deal like the ones every other police and uniformed union accepted,” de Blasio spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein said.

“The PBA has been unwilling to negotiate, instead choosing to wage a political war and go to arbitration.”

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