Petitioners To NBC: Fire Moheyldin For Biased Israeli Reporting

New York – A petition calling for the ouster of an MSNBC news reporter for allegedly providing biased coverage of events in Israel has exceeded its goal of 5,000 signatures in just two days.

Ayman Mohyeldin was widely criticized for his live on air report on Friday saying that Israeli police had brutally killed an unarmed Palestinian man who ignored police orders to stop after he crossed a security barrier.

Footage displayed onscreen during Moheyldin’s report clearly showed the dead Palestinian terrorist holding a knife in his hand, with a studio anchor interrupting Mohyeldin to inform him that footage clearly disproving his version of what had transpired just moments before.

The Egyptian born Moheyldin has previously worked for both Al Jazeera and CNN and has been accused on several occasions of filing fallacious reports that faulted Israelis.

Both Breitbart and Fox News slammed Moheyldin for his unbalanced coverage of events in the Middle East, including a July 2014 report that Israel had bombed a Gaza hospital, killing civilians and another where he faulted the United States government for its lack of support of Hamas and its inability to exercise tighter control over Israel.

The petition on describes Moheyldin’s coverage for NBC as “misleading and inaccurate” and asked NBC to fire the controversial journalist in an effort to “have him stop poisoning the minds of the less informed.”

Having surpassed its goal of 5,000 signatures in just two days, petition creator Ben Liebling of New York set a new goal this afternoon of 7,500 signatures which was met within a matter of hours and the petition has been changed again to relfect a new goal of 10,000 signatures calling for Moheyldin’s removal.

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  1. David
    David says:

    Moheyldin must be fired immediately. This biased bed-bug must have his journalist’s credentials revoked immediately, He must be named and shamed at every opportunity across the swath of local and international broadcast media.

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