PM Binyamin Netanyahu Questioned For Second Time

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was questioned by police a second time Thursday afternoon ovr allegations that he accepted illegal gifts from foreign businessmen.

Investigators from the National Fraud Investigations Unit arrived at the Prime Minister’s residence to interrogate Netanyahu. The questioning is expected to last several hours.

Netanyahu was questioned for three hours as part of the same investigations on Monday.

Netanyahu dismissed the investigations during a Likud faction meeting this week, saying that his critics should hold off on celebrating his political demise since nothing would come of the investigations.

“We see and hear the festive spirit in the television studios and in the corridors of the opposition.” he said at the faction meeting.

“I want to tell them to put the festivities on hold. Do not rush. I told you and I repeat: there will be nothing because there is nothing.

You continue blowing hot air balloons and we will continue to lead the State of Israel,”

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