It’s hard to stay quiet on this subject of FAKE NEWS or GLOBAL CYBER ATTACKS because this is exactly what our inside sources at TOTPI started reporting to the FBI in November of 2013.

One company in particular causes us great concern. A company that’s linked to Russia.

Our intelligence reports showed data linking over 167 fraudulent Charites along with hundreds of other fake news websites and fake hosting domain sites through a central server.

There is an overwhelming, dangerous amount of fake sites all over the web and you can only wonder if our FBI director Comey was investigating what is known as BIOMETRIC WARFARE!

Using the power of the internet to control the world is war. That’s why he was requesting a bigger taskforce because the fake accounts means our countries cyber situation is already in the control of too many bad men.

In the United States, Cyber Security is ultimately governed by the Department of Homeland Security and protocols trickle down through different outsourced companies.

The security measures in registering IP addresses along with the correct domain registrant for tracking and monitoring counter terrorism purposes is dangerous flawed.

It has been for years. It currently allows biometric scam artists to registrar websites under alias names so you can’t find the real identity.

You’re chasing ghosts.

Think about it. How can the US cyber division keep safety tabs on every single website people go visit on a daily basis? Websites are up and then their down.

How do we know the difference between real and fake anymore?

This is what connects us to the rest of the world and we expect what we read on the internet to be the truth!

What is the actual % of sites that are NOT legitimate?

The purpose of a fake website is to confuse you and manipulate you into believing something someone posted is true.

If you slow down and track each website back to its registered source, you might be surprised what you learn.

The only thing true about some of the sites we visit is that it’s coming from some piece of shit scammer sitting behind a computer so he can manipulate you into providing biometric data.

If there was a small army of people running fake websites, then we have to ask ourselves, what level of threat is our country experiencing?

Biometric warfare means someone has your biometric identity. Your face, your fingerprint, your voice, your financial access to ruin your life.

They also have the ability to access your devices and accounts. You are monitored.

The country that takes over the internet would be considered most powerful in the world. What a creative way to gain control of people’s minds!

Every time I turn on the news and watch President Trump, I am reminded that Money, Power and Greed exist in this world.

It’s scary to think we all face a day where we all could be under some other countries mind control.

Do we have a leader that is truly looking out for our best interests, or he is trying to hide something we all deserve to know?

Some would say, we are looking at a narcissist running our country.

Many spiritualists agree we need a leader with more humility and less ego.

Ego is always dangerous and deceptive and never to be trusted. It is also known to non-disclose.

Last week we watched the EGO of our President fire a man because when Comey was asked to bend rules, he stood firm on his ethics… HE SAID HE WOULD BE HONEST.

Hello America!!! Isn’t that all “We the people of the United States of America” could ever ask our national director of the FBI to say.

SO why fire TRUTH when it seems they were getting close? Why cause delays? From here on out with this President and FBI Bureau we have, we must look at the actions and compare them to words. Do they match???

The actions of the FBI over the last few year shows us they have devoted their time and focus on multiple raids in the Hassidic cult communities surrounding Brooklyn NY.

They are currently fighting a huge battle with alias fraud from a dynasty called Satmar.

The amount of money flowing through these Anti-Zionist communities are producing billions of dollars.

Yet most of the community is said to be on welfare.


Should FBI investigate the business connections Trump had in Russia or the ones he had in NY first?

If we had an honest President, then he would have no problem with FULL DISCLOSURE on this subject.

Or is Russia just FAKE NEWS so you don’t look right underneath your nose for the real answer?

Our investigation show that we need to sound the alarm on a company called COMMUNIGATE SYSTEMS aka www.stalker.com.

And who is the president of www.stalker.com? We’ve copied and pasted his information from their website.

Vladimir Butenko brings more than 20 years as a recognized leader in the messaging and collaboration industry to his position as founder, President and CEO of CommuniGate Systems, which is elevating the standards for e-mail, instant messaging and VoIP technologies.

He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Moscow State University in 1988, and established the company in 1991 with the vision of building an advanced, scalable and flexible e-mail infrastructure solution.

According to my research, it’s the Communigate Systems clients consist of American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company with worldwide interests.

Their servers claim to host services to over 17000 global businesses globally including your phone carriers, your airports, and your government.

If you care about your biometric identity, then now is the time to take FAKE NEWS seriously.

We need to work together so we can keep our internet safe.

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