Qatar – Arab Journalists Posts Photo Revealing Stunning Differences In Prisoner Treatment Between Israel And Syria

Qatar – A split-screen photo posted to an Arab journalist’s Facebook page of an emaciated Syrian prisoner matched-up against a photo of a robust Israeli prisoner has gone viral and is drawing praise for Israel’s treatment of its prisoners from the Arab world.

The photo appeared on the Facebook page of al-Jazeera journalist Faisal al-Qassem after notorious Palestinian terrorist and former Israeli inmate, Samir Kuntar, was killed Saturday night during an alleged Israeli airstrike in Lebanon.

Kuntar, who is seen on the right leaving an Israeli prison in 2008 after serving more than 29 years for killing four Israelis, is clearly in good health as opposed to the skeletal Assad-regime Syrian prisoner.

Kuntar, who, according to some Hebrew sources, obtained a masters and a PhD through university-affiliated online programs while in Israeli custody, was part of a prisoner exchange with Hezbollah that saw the return of the bodies of two IDF soldiers.

Text accompanying the viral post read, “Samir Kuntar left an Israeli prison with a beer belly and a doctorate.

At the other extreme, this is how Syrians leave Assad’s prisons.”

Arabian Business Magazine ranked Faisal al-Qassem as one of the top most influential Arab personalities.

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